• Get a zero-rated personal payday loan
  • The different types of credit
  • The different types of consumer credit
  • The conditions for obtaining a zero-rated personal payday loan


Get a zero-rated personal payday loan

Get a zero-rated personal credit

When you have a project in mind and you want to subscribe to a credit, not easy to navigate. There is indeed a multitude of different credits and it is essential to know the difference between each to be able to choose the one that is best suited to his needs. We decrypt for you the different types of existing credits and give you some tips to obtain a personal payday loan at zero rates.
Projects, you surely do not miss, like many of us. On the other hand, sometimes difficult that the finances follow to realize them all. We discuss with you the different types of credits so that you can better identify you in the field of credit and choose the one that will be most suitable for your current project.


The different types of credit

The different types of credit

The first credit we will talk about is real estate credit, since the latter is one of the essential. As the name suggests, the purpose of mortgage lending is to finance real estate projects. Depending on the profile of the borrower, the cost of this loan is 3 to 7% and the duration of this credit can be 10 to 30 years. Today, most lending institutions require borrowers a minimum contribution to finance the property and to benefit from a better credit rate. When subscribing to a home loan, it is advisable to take out loan insurance to reduce the risk of non-repayment or over-indebtedness.

Second type of credit: auto credit. Here again, no surprise, the auto credit is intended to help you finance a new vehicle. The duration of this credit varies from 1 to 4 years and its cost also depends on the profile of the borrower but generally varies between 2 and 6% depending on the credit institution.

Third type of credit and most interesting: consumer credit. The latter can take many forms and helps individuals on a daily basis. For example, it is possible to choose this loan to finance his holidays or to take advantage of the sales. It is possible to borrow some money and pay it back quickly. Easily accessible, consumer credit has a major disadvantage: if the borrower neglects its ability to repay, it can quickly become over-indebted.


The different types of consumer credit

The different types of consumer credit

Depreciable credit, adjustable rate credit, flexible credit, credit in fine, credit relay, personal payday loan or credit pawn, know that there is a multitude of consumer credit so everyone has his specialty.  Depreciable credit is the most common form of borrowing. It can be a consumer credit or a mortgage, a fixed rate loan or a variable rate loan. Its characteristic is that each installment repays both interest and a portion of the capital borrowed (this is the amortization of capital). It is a generic term used as opposed to a credit in fine (repayment term).

With an adjustable-rate loan (also called variable rate), the interest rate will be indexed on an index and may, therefore, move up or down. This automatic rate modification can then impact either the repayment period or the monthly payment (or both). The variation of the rate can be capped compared to the initial rate, it is called a capped rate.

The personal payday loan finally, is a loan that allows the purchase of goods without any proof. Thus the borrower spends the amount borrowed as he sees fit to finance the projects of his choice. A personal payday loan can be used to balance the cash flow, but also for various purchases (furniture, vehicle), work or travel. The duration and the loan amount are initially defined, they are not adjustable later. This allows the borrower to know in advance how much he will repay each month and when his loan will end.


The conditions for obtaining a zero-rated personal payday loan

The conditions for obtaining a zero-rated personal credit

Getting a zero interest personal payday loan is very interesting since you only repay the borrowed capital. In order to apply for a zero rate loan, you must meet a number of conditions in your personal situation and your income. There are ceilings that depend on both the number of people in your household, but also the area of ​​your future home. One of the main points to get a zero rate loan is to have a project that is itself eligible. These are specified by several articles of law presented in the code of housing construction. The application is quick and easy and can save you money.