Anyone who has a negative entry in his credit will find it very difficult to obtain a loan in Germany. Since the banks always carry out a credit inquiry before the loan is granted, the loan application is rejected if the information is negative. However, there are a number of providers on the Internet who offer a loan even without credit and with instant confirmation.

Guaranteed loans for bad credit: rapid approval

Since you can not apply for such a loan directly from the respective bank, there are a number of credit intermediaries who offer guaranteed loans for bad credit. The borrower simply completes the corresponding application form for guaranteed loans for bad credit on the homepage. The advantage of a loan in the relatively rapid processing. The final commitment will be given when all documentation is available at the bank. Afterward, the loan will be released and the payment will be made a few days later.

What to look for in a loan without credit with instant confirmation?

As I said, instant confirmation is a provisional decision. The borrower can not derive any legal entitlement to a loan. Therefore, you should in no case transfer the immediate commission after the confirmation fee. There is then the danger that it comes despite payment of the fee to no mediation. For reputable credit intermediaries, this is not required, but the agency fee will be charged on the payment of the loan amount. The same applies if the provider makes credit intermediation dependent on the conclusion of specific insurance. Also on this one should not get involved in any case, because it is the credit intermediary here mostly only to the commission, which he receives for the conclusion of the insurance.

Requirements for a loan without credit with instant confirmation

Even a credit-free loan must meet certain conditions for it to be approved. The most important criterion is that the borrower has a regular monthly income. This must, in any case, be so high that it lies within the attachable area. In the event that there is already a wage or salary garnishment, a non-credit credit is not possible. In addition, the borrower must have been employed by the same employer for at least 12 months and his employment contract must not be time-limited. It should also be noted that a loan without credit with immediate approval is awarded exclusively to German citizens, who must, of course, be of age.

After the borrower has sent the required information to the bank using the application form, the borrower checks whether the appropriate conditions have been met. If so, the borrower receives the provisional commitment. He then receives the credit agreement by mail and sends it back signed with his salary statements. If all documents are in order, the loan amount will be transferred to the current account of the borrower within a few days. For some banks, the payment can also be made in cash if desired.